If you've used Netflix, streaming is way better than flipping DVDs.  With streaming you get immediate all-access to our library on many types of devices and platforms plus a much larger and constantly growing video and audio library.  On our app, you'll find most top LDS movies like Love, Kennedy, the new Saturday's Warrior, as well as hundreds of Comedies, Documentaries, Inspirational Stories, etc, etc.  In the next several months we'll have over 3,000 movies.  We aim to be a safe family-friendly Netflix for LDS where you have everything you want and nothing you don't.

Even more, our core animated library has been completely restored into HD widescreen.  You'll find our quality and selection is the best available, and it is very convenient to use.  Even if you have the DVDs/VHS if you're like us you're almost too lazy to flip them in and out when streaming is soooooo much more convenient.   We DO also have a special offer for customers who have purchased series of DVDs/VHS from us in the past.  Please call us at 844-610-1051 to find out more about this offer.