At any time, you can manage or cancel a month-to-month subscription from the web using the instructions below:

1. Go to on your computer or smartphone

2. If you aren’t automatically logged into your streaming account, sign in to your account by clicking the “Streaming Sign In” button in the top right corner using your streaming credentials.

NOTE: If you cannot sign in to your streaming account or forgot your password, use the “Reset your Password” link on the page.

3. Click your email address in the top right-hand corner.  A drop down menu will appear.

4. Click “Account”

5. Click the green “Cancel Membership” link


  •  If you signed up through an app (i.e. Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Android or iOS mobile app), we are unable to manage your subscription.  The account must be cancelled through the app you signed up on.  
  • If you upgraded your account to the 3 year plan (usually through our inside sales), please contact customer service to cancel the account at 800-548-4647 during office hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm MST.

6. Select the cancellation reason

7. Choose an alternate option or click the green “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP” link at the bottom of the page.