While many of our core library was produced several years ago, we recently just gave our films an “extreme makeover” and invested over $2MM restoring them to be better than they’ve ever been in HD and in widescreen.  We scanned 2.2 million frames and hand restored 4.5 trillion pixels and they really look amazing, and definitely better than ever.  The stories (mostly by Orson Scott Card) and music (mostly by Lex de Azevedo) are still very inspiring and animation (by Richard Rich of Disney) is still very high quality.  

Best of all, kids still love them.  To get the most use however, we recommend you don’t allow other secular media on Sunday and even perhaps on other days of the week.  

But really we humbly aim to compete with Netflix by providing thousands of wholesome quality films for your family that you don't have to hover around to know their media is safe.   That said, while we have added many excellent films to our library including 17 Miracles, Liberty’s Kids and the Kid’s Ten Commandments, our core films were created in a way that deeply teaches the scriptures and touches hearts with the spirit and are loved more now than ever.