Our films have actually have been used in many LDS visitors centers and even general conference. As long as it's OK with copyright (which ours is as long as there is no monetary gain), the Church leaves it up to its members to decide what is appropriate, as it trusts we'll make good choices. 

From Handbook 2 -- Audiovisual Materials

Members may use audiovisual materials, such as CDs, DVDs, and computer presentations, in Church settings with the following restrictions:

1. They may not be used in sacrament meetings or in the general session of stake conference (however, appropriate recorded musical accompaniment may be used if a piano, organ, or accompanist is not available).

2. They may not be used if such use is restricted by copyright (see 21.1.12).

3. They may not be used if they contain material that is not suitable for Church settings.

Audiovisual materials that meet these criteria may be used in the chapel during meetings other than sacrament meeting or the general session of stake conference if they are an important part of the meeting.