While some artistic license must be taken (i.e. appearances, structures, etc.), we've made them very scripturally accurate. In fact, frequently we are told about something that someone doesn't think was right. More often then not, our films are right.  Yes, Nephi had sisters, and yes Zachariahs was deaf and dumb!  Was Jacob almost knocked off the boat...well...they were all almost swallowed into the sea.

But we hope you can overlook any failings we might have and accept that our scripture films provide an excellent foundation to build upon for later true scripture study.  They have helped millions have a clearer picture of what is going on, and that can mean a lot to someone who is new to the scriptures.  They are also done with powerful touching moments and music that truly have inspired many to return to church, be baptized, and even serve missions. You should try watching for yourself to decide if our faith promoting films are much better than so much of the content that is out there.