If you have decent Internet, the answer is easy – streaming. Every week we add between 4-8 new titles for all ages.  Once we get large enough, we'll start producing our own films to add.  If you already use Netflix, you also find our Streaming a way better experience than DVDs, and our 3 title autoplay from one to the next is also awesome.   You can even download the titles for offline use and the apps have all our PDFs of FHE lessons and Activity books.  Most importantly you'll have access to 500+ additional titles and audio that you can access anywhere.  Finally, all our animations and most of our top LDS films (Best Two Years, Ephraim's Rescue) are for the first time in HD and are restored and look beautiful.  Given that we're constantly adding new features and titles to the app, for me personally there is no question which our family likes best. - Matt, LSI CEO.