We care deeply about what is on our platform, as we have families too. We try to follow the admonition of Paul seeking content that is virtuous, lovely, praiseworthy, and of good report. Specifically we appreciate: 

Our Core Library --  Most importantly we strive to teach the gospel, Church history, and scriptures to all. We have a core library of 120+ movies and 300+ audio stories and achieve our mission in the most fun and entertaining way. 

Religious and Inspirational -- We also strive to provide films that build faith and inspire us to be our best teaching morality that help bring viewers closer to Christ. 

Family Friendly Films -- We appreciate the many family-friendly films that have good messages with little to nothing offensive.  

Comedy -- We love to not take ourselves too seriously and enjoy a good clean laugh in what we feel is in good taste. We appreciate the many shows that allow us to see the humor around us. 

Educational -- We love learning, as it is edifying. We have great shows that teach basic concepts to kids (math, reasoning, etc.) As well as some nature shows. We plan on expanding these offerings. 

Exercise -- While we don't have any films for exercise, we love taking care of our bodies and will eventually include content to help us do that too.